Which canned abalone is the best?

It is a mature market with very sophisticated customers.  In the canned abalone market, When it comes to selection of what is the best can of abalone, there are various considerations when malking the selection.  

When it comes to choosing the best canned abalone in Singapore, you should always look for country of origin, its drained weight rather than net weight. The drained weight determines the amount of actual abalone in the can. For example, cans with a net weight of 425 g may have a drained weight ranging from 50 g to 220 g. There are the domestic brand since the 1960s and intertnational brands, most Singaporeans would definitely have heard of Skylight, New Moon, Fortune and Chuen Jia Fu Abalones.

While they specialize in traditional nostalgic ingridients, they also offer some of the best canned abalone in Singapore. Take, the top 4 for example, their Abalone (available from most major retails), which stands out among the sea of mildest abalone flavors on the market. Otherwise, you can always opt for more classic flavors such as Premium Brine Abalone and Braised Premium Brine Abalone (both available in Singapore) that offer both in quality and quantity. Mexican wild abalone is one of the most unique varieties of abalone on the planet.  Calmex is considered as the oldest and best established canned abalone Big Brands in Singapore. 

They are grown in crystal clear waters with the best salinity and also the temperature level. The dominant navigation over the waters presses the abalone to exercise their muscles when they relocate during feeding. This makes abalone meat much more flexible and delicious. Fortune Baby abalone is the obvious choice for anyone who wants to have a big feast, especially during CNY.

Baby abalone (Farm) can be easily distributed individually instead of regular sized abalone that will require you to cut them before serving. For a cheaper alternative, get the small abalone from big brands such as Skylight, New Moon, On Hing, Chuen Jia Fu and Golden Chef.  Premium new zealand and Australia abalones are one of the most sought after brands on the market due to its wonderful taste and affordable price. However, I learned a couple of interesting facts about abalone, which made me appreciate the dish a little more.

Wild caught Abalones are usually packed directly in 10 kg or 12 kg sealed styrofoam boxes prepared for export. In addition, these highly nutritious wild abalone are rich in protein, iron and vitamin A, which provides more support to your immune system. This is a guide that will help you decide where to buy your product based on whether or not they are packed in bulk or in cans. The abalone in each box is typically placed in the striatum of the core, which appears to be protected with oxygen in significant clamped bags with an ice pack placed to keep the fish at a lower temperature level during transport.  While Canned abalones are done at the factory immediately after the catch and process in a cannary near the collection center.

The key question that matters to you is selecting the right type of abalone that you want to serve on that special occasion and the choice of cooking style to serve this culinary treasure. Processing and abalone make it one of the obvious choices among the many Australian abalone options. If you actually buy it during the rest of the year, compare it to the rate of an abalone. Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are highly regarded as some countries that produce the best quality abalone.

However, it is good to note that the species of abalone produced in each country are different in terms of taste and appearance. Frozen Abalone in Shell (FOS) - Live abalone is cleaned delicately, and after that, it quickly freezes independently in its shell or removed from the cover, cleaned and then quickly frozen. Abalones want to be placed in pet cages along with lowered to the right in degrees of temperature, as well as in salinity-controlled retention containers that have a pure filtration system in deep water. This can be a particularly uncomfortable problem when the right to collect paua can be legally approved under Maori customary rights.

With so many types and brands of canned abalone in Singapore, it can be a challenge to select the perfect one for your CNY reunion dinner. . . We found our visit to Teck Sang on 11 Hong Kong street very useful as they carry 40+ different variations of canned and frozen abalones.  Their staffs were helpful and well worth the visit as all are under one-roof.

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