How do you soften the canned abalone?

A preferred method is to cut it into thin slices and gently crush the slices a little thinner to break the muscle just a little, producing rich and tasty pieces. Before you start slicing and softening, you need to make sure that the abalone is fresh, whole, removed from the peel and clean. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating abalone this way: fishermen already cook (steam) the abalone before sealing it in the can. Canned abalone is the most popular option to get during Chinese New Year, as they are the most convenient and require less preparation.

If you're looking for ways to cook canned abalone, try this recipe that teaches you how to stew them with Chinese spinach. Abalone canned with brine (salt %26 water) is lighter and is good to use it to create dishes such as stir-fry or soups. During the process, make sure that the water does not dry out and that the can is always completely submerged; otherwise, top up with a sufficient amount of water. You can use a flat, heavy tool (such as a blade or a meat mallet) to hit the flatter side of the meat.

Also make sure there is enough liquid to cover the abalone as they cook, otherwise they may dry out and harden. I prefer to use canned abalone because there is minimal work, BUT I thought I would try frozen abalone because they are a little cheaper compared to canned abalone ???? The frozen abalone I got were already gutted but they weren't clean on the outside. Both can be consumed immediately, which is perfect for those who are not sure how to cook abalone. Most canned abalone contains salt or are already stewed in sauce, so be careful not to salt your dishes too much when using canned abalone.

You can get canned abalone in brine (salt and water) that taste lighter, or canned abalone in sauce that are tastier. It is difficult to describe how abalone tastes after cooking, as it is a very unique flavor, but the flavor is similar to that of scallop and the texture is tender if cooked well. Beat each slice of abalone until tender Some people use a meat tenderizer, but you can succeed by gently tapping the entire slice of abalone with the back of a large spoon, this method softens the meat without tearing it. Fresh abalone recipes tend to be much simpler and easier compared to most canned abalone recipes, with a focus on adding flavor to them.

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