On Hing Abalone - A Mystery Customer Review

On Hing is a renowned brand of China abalone that is known for its great value and delicious flavour. The company sources its abalone from its farms located off the coast of China, where the cool, clean ocean currents provide the perfect conditions for raising high-quality abalone. One of the standout products from On Hing is their canned braised abalone. This product features the whole abalone that has been carefully cooked and preserved in a savoury sauce, making it easy to prepare and enjoy. The abalone is tender and succulent, with a rich, savoury flavour that pairs well with various dishes for everyday meals. The braised abalone canned by On Hing is an economical choice for those who want to enjoy the flavour of abalone without breaking the bank. The canned abalone is cheap, affordable and convenient, making it a great option for customers on a budget. For Chinese new Year, you can purchase them here. On Hing offers two types of canned abalone: 425 GM net weight with 80 GM drained weight and 6 pieces per can; and 425 GM net weight with 180 GM drained weight and 40 pieces per can. Both products come in a savoury broth or braise sauce, depending on your preference. The price for each can ranges from $11 to $22 SGD, depending on the size and type of product you choose. Overall, On Hing abalone is a top-quality product that is perfect for seafood lovers. The abalone is carefully sourced and prepared, ensuring maximum flavour and freshness. With a range of products to choose from, On Hing abalone is a great choice for any meal.

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