Can I eat abalone straight out of the can?

Abalone is canned, ready to eat with your mouth glued together. To preserve its tender texture, it is best to use abalone when heated. It is customary to eat abalone as it is after opening the box. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating abalone this way, as the fishermen have already cooked (steamed) the abalone before sealing it in the box.

Overfishing caused the state to stop commercial fishing in 1997 and allow only recreational fishing for shellfish, and only north of the Golden Gate. So the question is, how can you get the most out of any abalone without spending hundreds of dollars? They are culturally important, as many indigenous tribes on the west coast harvest abalone for their meat and seafood. Generally speaking, abalone from Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and south africa are considered top quality, but the most exclusive (and most expensive) are abalone from Mexico. The dust produced by crushing and cutting abalone shells is toxic and sculptors and sculptors should be careful not to inhale fine dust particles.

After commercial fishing for abalone was banned, abalone farms began to emerge across the state, although most of what they produced was shipped to Asia until recently. The quantity is limited each year because it is preserved only with the best wild abalone from Baja California, Mexico. Abalone is not something that the average person has ever heard of; it is unique, quite exclusive and is only really eaten in certain countries. Abalone canned with brine (salt %26 water) is lighter and is good to use it to create dishes such as stir-fry or soups.

Another way to enjoy fresh abalone is to steam them along with a myriad of ingredients to add flavor.

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