What is the Best Brand of Abalone?

Discover which are the best brands of canned abalone on the market with our selection guide! Learn about Chuen Jia Fu Abalones & more!

What is the Best Brand of Abalone?
Established in the '70s, the Chuen Jia Fu was the first Canned abalone Brand that won the Prestigious "Most Promising Brand" awards in Singapore. Each can of Chuen Jia Fu abalone is rigorously crafted and contains only the finest abalones selection from the top selected countries suppliers from Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Today, Chen Jia fu and Calmex abalones are exclusive wholesale distributed by Teck Sang down on 11 Hong Kong street. As supplies of farm abalones become abundant, Teck Sang now carries a wide range of choices from Wild to farm abalones from different countries. These varieties are also supplied to retail channels and are widely available in most supermarkets and retail stores, which makes them very convenient for preparing celebrations and quick snacks. What we found from feedback from our customers and from the experts in canned abalone, we have summarised their choices:
  • Calmex (Mexican and Australian)
  • Chuen Jia Fu Abalone (Mexican, Australian, New Zealand and Japan)
  • On Hing Abalone
  • Golden Ocean
  • Cedmex
We have taken the time to research and discover which are the best brands of canned abalone on the market. So don't waste time looking for other options, just buy one from our recommended list above. Recreational fishermen are subject to a daily and possession limit of two abalones per person. There is a minimum size limit of 117 mm and recreational fishermen can only harvest abalone by hand, without the use of air supplied to the surface or SCUBA. Mexican wild abalone is one of the most exclusive varieties of abalone on the planet. They have grown in crystal clear waters with the best salinity and also the temperature level. The dominant navigation over the waters presses the abalone to exercise their muscles when they relocate during feeding. This makes abalone meat much more flexible and delicious. For a cheaper alternative, get the small abalone from big brands such as Chuen Jia Fu, On Hing, Skylight, New Moon and Golden Chef. When it comes to choosing the best-canned abalone in Singapore, you should always look for drained weight rather than net weight. Australia produces the highest quality dried abalone meat, crammed in gift boxes, in bulk or in smaller bags inside a bulk box. Unlike traditional seafood such as prawns and also fish, abalone cannot be easily purchased from the catch of a net. Created by Young Shen Industries more than 20 years ago, Chuen Jia Fu Abalones has consistently sourced high-quality abalone from all over the world and its Tasmania Australian variants are a good example of this. Each tin contains 6 pieces of abalone meat cooked in brine natural flavour. Fortunately, with the recent success of farming abalone, this harvest relieves pressure and burdens on wild supplies of abalone. Chuen Jia Fu Baby abalone is the obvious choice for anyone who wants to have a big feast, especially during CNY. Always look for the drained weight rather than the net weight for the volume of abalone in a can, this is generally what will determine the price, as this is the amount of actual abalone contained in the can. It can be a gift for someone special, to share a delicious meal with the family or to indulge in some of the best Abalones available on the market. These abalones are popular for their sweet taste, which makes them an excellent addition to many dishes. If you're wondering why abalone is so expensive, it's because it has to be harvested manually by hand.

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