Why is canned abalone so expensive?

One of the reasons for its price is that it is rare. It does not grow everywhere in the world, only certain lucky shores contain these precious babies. The dramatically high cost of abalone comes from its rarity and the difficulty experienced in obtaining it. It is a kind of sea snail, and each one must be collected by hand from the ocean.

The cost is also driven by the luxury label attached to it, such as Wagyu beef or caviar. It is believed that Roe's abalone lives at least 10 years, while the green lip and brown lip can live up to 13 years. According to AzureAzure, eliminating abalone is extremely difficult and requires time, skill and dedication. Therefore, if people feel rich and their income increases year after year, they are more inclined to splurge and ask for good abalone.

Mexican abalone is the softest, African abalone has the best smell, Australian abalone is sweet and chewy, and new zealand abalone has a strong flavor and the price is more reasonable. Others think that abalone does not have a distinctive flavor of its own, but that it acquires the flavor of the ingredients with which it is cooked. Most abalone species can only thrive in cold waters, in places like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the western side of North America. Those who are brave enough to put themselves in unfavorable conditions and have the ability and interest to find and harvest abalone must be adequately compensated for their hard work, which makes the price naturally much higher than that of other seafood that is more easily caught.

To preserve the world's wild abalone population, consumers might consider making the switch to farmed abalone, which looks and tastes the same as their wild counterparts. The arrangement of tentacles, colors and patterns in this epipodium is unique for each species of abalone. It is said that the most popular option is canned abalone, which offers a succulent texture and a powerful flavor. South African abalone, mostly known locally as perlemoen (from Dutch meaning “mother of pearl”), is endemic to the coasts of South Africa.

Once polished, the shell will have an iridescent pearlescent color and can be used as a decorative piece at home. It will not be surprising that government regulations no longer allow fisheries to harvest abalone freely without a daily quota. In Chinese culture, it is believed that consuming abalone, also known as (Bàoyú), will bring good fortune and abundance for the rest of the year.

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